Becoming a Resurrectionist

Exploring a call to the 'consecrated life' – as we call it, takes a little bit of thinking, soul-searching and a lot of prayer. We have some pretty great priests and brothers who can assist anyone who is trying to decide upon whether this is the life for them.

What we do

We are brothers and priests who live in community and who minister (work) as pastors, teachers, life-coaches, social workers and caregivers. There is never a dull moment for us – because we are committed to transformation – every day of our lives. We are "Resurrectionists" – committed to the power of Christ's resurrection and we believe that it continues to bring life, hope, and transformation to all areas of the world where there is poverty, oppression, despair etc. We get to be instruments of that transformation. In order to do that, though, we need to spend a good amount of time, learning about the community with whom we will live, their traditions, their life-styles and their work.

So, what do you have to do?

Our founders had a vision for the resurrection of society, or perhaps you might call it a vision for a better world.  If you want to be part of the incredible journey that we feel we are on:

What happens to you in all of this?

Well this whole process – although it seems detailed and lengthy is an opportunity not only to learn, but to be transformed. You will be surprised at how you will change if you open yourself authentically to this journey under the power of the Risen Christ. You will learn a healthy balance of prayer, community life, ministry, studies, recreation and relationship with family, friends and community members. Most importantly, you will find yourself privileged to work as an instrument of change in the world, the community and the lives of many individuals.

Is this life for everyone?

No it is not. Many people decide that it is not the life for them. That's natural. If you are in this journey for even a short time, your life will be changed.& If you stay in it and live a life-long commitment to the Resurrectionist community….your life will be even more changed.&It is about figuring out who you are, who God is, and putting that together to determine how you will live your life. We would be happy to be part of that with you.

  • You need to come from the Roman Catholic Tradition
  • You need to believe that Christ is alive and well among us
  • "You need to contact our Vocation Director at and talk about who you are, who we are, and how to move forward with discovering your vocation.
  • If that works out…then you get to start meeting the brothers and priests in the community and experiencing first hand, their hope and their good work.
  • If everything continues to work, perhaps you will live with us for a while, and experience our prayer, our lifestyle, and our work in the world.
  • Working with your educational schedule, and if the community feels right to you, we would invite you to spend a year of prayer and study among us….we call this Novitiate.
  • When that year is finished, you can choose to celebrate your first vows in the community. This is a deep commitment – but it is not life-long. These vows are temporary and after three years, you can decide to take permanent vows as a Brother of the Resurrection. During this time, you would pursue further studies and after vows, you may well decide to work as a brother, or perhaps a deacon (permanently) or a priest.


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