Trinity Sunday

Rita Bailey

June 12, 2022

The idea of the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, is central to our faith. Every time we make the Sign of the Cross, we are reminding ourselves of our belief in a Trinitarian God.
Despite this, most of us scarcely understand this triune God. We can conjure up an image of God the Father, the Creator, from the Old Testament and from the beauty of creation around us. Jesus is a familiar figure from the gospel stories we hear every Sunday. We can also see Him is the face of those we meet every day.
But who has seen the Holy Spirit? The gospels tell of doves and tongues of fire, but for most of us, the experience is less dramatic. Joan Chittister calls the Holy Spirit a wild thing, breathing where it will, moving as it pleases, settling on women and men alike. In my experience, the Holy Spirit is more like a breeze that tugs at me until I pay attention.
I remember clearly my call to do social justice work. It happened one Sunday at the end of mass, when Danny, a lay person from my parish, got up to talk about a Development and Peace campaign to support the right of farmers to save seed from their own crops. Until that moment, I had never heard of Development and Peace or knew that my parish had an active committee. But as a gardener, the campaign resonated with me. Social Justice, I thought. In an instant I knew I was called to do that work.
At our parish Synodality sessions, we prayed to the Holy Spirit before each gathering, and our Zoom sessions became prayerful experiences of shared longing for a listening church. May the Church hear the loud whispers of the Holy Spirit and be guided to follow wherever this wild thing leads us.