27th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, October 3, 2021

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Father Paul Voisin

September 27, 2021

Jesus calls our attention, and those of his disciples at the same, to the children in their midst.  Children, in the time and place of Jesus, were not ‘people’ with ‘rights’, but looked upon as possessions, and very much in the sense of being ‘seen and not heard’.  What is the quality of these children that Jesus was extolling?  What did he want to teach his disciples by these surprising words and gestures in relation to (unimportant) children?  The outstanding quality for me is that a child realizes that they are dependent. They NEED their parent(s).  They are DEPENDENT.  In our time and place these can be humiliating admissions for people of any age.  To NEED and be DEPENDENT is a sign of weakness, of vulnerability, of incompleteness, of being a ‘loser’ in the world where self-sufficiency, independence, pride and being a ‘winner’ is of most value.  When we lose our sense of our need and dependence upon God, and His grace, is when we detour from the path, which leads to temptation and sin taking over, and leading us away from God and putting obstacles between ourselves and others.  Let us be child-like (but not child-ish)!