24th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, September 12, 2021

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Father Paul Voisin

September 9, 2021

Some of the words of our gospel confuse people.  How can Jesus, who is pro-life, tell people to lose their life?  Of course, Jesus is not talking about our physical, material life, but about our spiritual life.  Losing our life ‘for Christ’ means that we submit ourselves in love and humility to the will of God, and that we express this ‘loss of life’ each and every day through our sincere love and generous service.  Then we are “saving” our life – for eternal life!  Each one of us have our own journey, our own “cross”, and our own story of “following” Jesus.  What remains the same for all of us, and constant, is His call, and His grace that allows us to make the difficult choice to “lose” our life for “His sake”.