2nd Sunday of Lent - Sunday, February 28, 2021

Father Fred Scinto's picture

Father Fred Scinto

February 26, 2021

I hope for the most part that you have seen that generally speaking the readings for the New Year up to now are clear, concise, pictorial and contain no more details than absolutely needed.

The Entrance Antiphon from the Psalms underlines our seeking God’s face (showing our hunger for God) in order to ask for redemption.  The Responsorial Psalm and the First Reading push away “false” worship and “false” values in approaching God.  Pure sight in religion is highly recommended for our relationship in religion with God.  Note (again) the wrong common temptation to not have this present in our relationship with God!

The Gospel, unsurprisingly, highlights the centrality of Christ’s Resurrection.  And note in the Communion Antiphon how clear is the identity of Jesus Christ.  Note how the true central religious values are stressed again in the Communion Antiphon!  So do you really want to come to know God?  Jesus Christ?  Follow the central religious values stressed here!

The number of people suffering in the world today is huge!  Picture God as crying over all this suffering – our help is really needed! A lot, a huge lot of ongoing prayer, needs to be launched right nowSimple parish organizations for prayer need to be organized right now! We are speaking personal secondary vocations here, because this work of prayer falls on all of us. So set up these organizations and get involved in them.

Here we are volunteers asked to pray in regards to human suffering and to offer up this prayer for those who are now suffering.  This becomes a living reflection of living out the reality to which the World now calls us!  Here we truly become the Body of Christ here, and for the World.  We thus unite the world under God.  And provide a great gift for those who suffer in the world!  Please offer this great gift to God for the Church NOW! And God bless you for that!

God bless you always!

Fr. Fred. Scinto, C.R. 

Resurrection Centre