3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, January 24, 2021

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Father Paul Voisin

January 22, 2021

In our Baptism we began a life with God.  That life has been nourished in so many ways, some that we may not even realize.  In each of our lives there has come a time when we more consciously began to follow Jesus – in earnest, with a sense of purpose.  We do not follow Jesus ‘by accident’, but it must be very intentional.  This faithful following leads us to be transformed – little by little – in Christ, “repenting and believing the Good News”.  However, our following Jesus is not just for ourselves, but is to be shared with others.  Jonah, in the First Reading, did not want to go to the sinners in Nineveh, as he knew they would reject him, and perhaps even kill him.  He was calling them to repentance, and to return to the covenant.  Yet, he trusted in God and God’s grace prevailed, and the Ninevites were saved.  As we follow Jesus, and bear witness to him by our lives, transformed in Him, we will also encourage others to repentance and new life in Christ.  We are living proof that it is possible to follow Jesus, and to lead others to follow Him.