2nd Sunday of Advent - Sunday, December 6, 2020

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Father Fred Scinto

December 3, 2020

Advent! Great! Advent is here again! What a great time of the year it is! What I really like about it is its “newness,” especially what it reveals to us about our loving God. This starts our liturgical year. We start again with the Season of Hope, glad that the Messiah Jesus Christ comes to us (again)! Another chance to start the special gift of another liturgical year realistically!

We begin the great gift of another liturgical year with the presence of our gentle loving patient serving God – and not a God Who is harsh, demanding and fulminating.  Our thirst and hunger for God and our deep desire for salvation-fulfilment, overflowing in our very deep being!

Let us go out and meet (again) Jesus the Missionary Who provides the pathway to salvation; let us go out wanting to meet again this Source of Salvation, and follow His path to God! We are called to accept the promises made by this Risen Lord, promises as He comes to us.  Note that the Entrance Antiphon has one of Christ’s great promises to us!  This is where we begin/start this year’s liturgical journey!

The First Reading from Isaiah is very encouraging: Israel has done its penance and now is open to fully falling in love with God and being blessed by God.  The responsorial psalm (Psalm 85) gives us words powerfully to ask God to show us God’s “steadfast love” and “divine salvation.” The Second Reading comes from 2 Peter 3.  It proclaims “in accordance with God’s promise, we wait for new heavens and a new earth where righteousness is at home.  Therefore, beloved, while you are waiting for these things [to happen], strive to be found by Him at peace.” The Gospel Acclamation proclaims that “all people shall see the salvation of God.”

Today’s Gospel is easy to understand.  It is the coming of John the Baptist as the precursor of Jesus Christ (and as preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ).  So let us fill ourselves with the Holy Spirit and begin our new liturgical year today, making it the best liturgical year in our lives so far! Amen! God grant you success!  Amen!