25th Sunday In Ordinary Time - Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Father Fred Scinto

September 16, 2020

Please read today’s commentary with the following statement as a background: we are not happy with God because we want our just deserts from God and this does not happen as we want.

Why do some people get things (blessings) when we think they should not and others got nothing when we think they deserved blessings?  Our gut feeling here often is that God is not just.  We forget that God sees more, hears more, and judges better than we ever can. Here we are called to let God do the job because He/She does it so much better than any of us could.

“[God is] the salvation of the people.”  He/She identifies with this (in this entrance antiphon) – He/She and not us.  The First Reading from Isaiah stresses God out of love wants all to be saved. His/Her ways and His/Her thoughts are not ours.  God’s “thoughts” are very much better than ours! And for the life of others, the intense love of this God desires that we all keep our place in the schema and be the best lovers we can be for others!

The Responsorial Psalm shows our God that, unlike us, this God is near to all who call on Him/Her (and not like us and our prejudices). God is near to all and anyone who calls on Her/Him.  This infinite kindness and love that we do not possess is the love we need to have in our lives, as the Gospel goes on to stress, and the Gospel Acclamation underlines.

The Gospel manifests labourers who are selfish because they are only concerned about themselves; do in contrast note the vineyard owners (representing God) whose heart is totally open to others in love!  This is true love because it is divine love.  This is the life perspective that we are called to use in our lives, as the first Communion Antiphon clearly pushes.

Today let us turn our minds inside out to make this stance happen within us (with God’s helping grace). Amen!