24th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, September 13, 2020

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Father Paul Voisin

September 11, 2020

Forgiveness has almost a ‘magical’ power.  It is sought out by all of us, yet can be (at times) so difficult to give.  Peter thought that he would be applauded for his response to Jesus, to forgive “seven times”, as the number seven is significant in Judaism, referring to perfection.  But Jesus surprises him (and takes away some of Peter’s ‘thunder’) when he says “seven-seven time”.  The parable calls us to be generous in forgiving, as we are forgiven so generously by God.  When we forgive, we not only give a gift to the other, but we release ourselves from a burden that weighs us down and closes us off.  This is reflected in the First Reading as God calls us away from “anger and wrath”, and “vengeance” and make manifest our “covenant” with God, our intimate personal relationship with Him that calls us to make Him present, and bear witness to Him in all we say and do, especially in forgiveness and mercy.