23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, September 6, 2020

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Father Dan Lobsinger

August 31, 2020

Maybe we have had the experience of hearing something that we did that hurt, irritated or angered someone from a third party. If you have, do you remember the feeling that was triggered as a result?  Most likely, it was a feeling of anger or sadness.

The fact that the person that had the opportunity of seeking forgiveness and reconciliation from you chose to simply gossip to others about your faults reflects an unwillingness to truly enter into a relationship where the depth of forgiveness can strengthen that bond and help us be led to a deeper meaning of the love of God. 

Possibly each of us may have been the one that chose gossip to others about someone’s faults rather than point out that fault to the person as a challenge for them to improve or learn from their mistake.

Jesus was clear about fraternal correction of another when he points out in the gospel this weekend that “if your brother or sister sins against you, go to your brother or sister first and point out the fault.”  If they don’t listen to you, then get a witness to uphold your testimony (Mt. 18:15-16).

Being charitable and kind to another is a hallmark of reflecting the love of God and sometimes that entails speaking the truth to another when correction is needed. We are all brothers and sisters on a journey together striving to conform to how God loves each of us. We need others in our lives to challenge us and model for us ways in which we may need to deepen our hearts to grow in grace as well as extend our example to others and lead them to a fuller life in Christ.