Easter Sunday - Sunday, April 19, 2020

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Father Paul Voisin

April 6, 2020

Such must have been the reaction to the first disciples who went to the tomb of the crucified Jesus – the presence of the soldiers sent to guard it, talking about how to move back the stone.  Much to their surprise they found the stone already moved aside, and a heavenly messenger who proclaimed that the Jesus, whom they sought, had risen.  They had not understood the words of Jesus in which he talked about “rising from the dead”.  Now this piece of the puzzle helped them to put the whole picture together of his life, suffering, death and resurrection.  God had done the impossible and improbable for these disciples, in raising Jesus from the dead.  We share in that new life of Christ, rising with him from our sinfulness to a life of grace, and to eternal life.  We can also recognize in our own personal lives the ‘surprises’ of God, and when God has continued to do the impossible and the improbable in our lives.  This is not only the source of our hope, but the resurrection is the guarantee that God can, and will, surprise us.