1st Sunday of Lent - Sunday, March 1, 2020

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Father Paul Voisin

February 25, 2020

Jesus had fasted for forty days, and what was the first thing that the evil one tempted him with – bread!  The evil one knows us, and he knows our weaknesses, and how to tempt us to sin.  He went on to tempt the Lord to test His Father’s love and protection, and then to worship him.  But Jesus, as God-made-man, resisted that temptation.  We can be sure that that same evil one knows us, and will tempt us by various ways that lead us away from a sincere love and obedience to God, to a divergent path that leads to pride, disobedience and selfishness.  However, God also knows us!  So, in our weakness, He gives us grace to resist our personal and unique temptations, because they are not ‘unique’ to God.  He knows human nature, and His Son shared that nature, but resisted the taunts of the evil one.  Our Lenten journey calls us to allow ourselves to ‘know’ the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a new and better way, each day growing in response to the Trinity and sharing more fully it Their life.