Fickle, Aren't We? Palm Sunday

Father Paul Voisin's picture

Father Paul Voisin

March 19, 2013

Palm Sunday is always a day of contrast in relation to the Word of God – the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, proclaiming him as the “the king who comes in the name of the Lord”, and then, just a few days later, the same crowd shouting “Crucify him!” These two Gospels – on the same day – do paint a definite picture of our human condition. One moment we are bearing witness to Christ, and before we recognize it we are giving bad example. We can too easily go between being an instrument, and being an obstacle. We are fickle, are we not?

During this Holy Week Jesus invites us to accompany him – on Holy Thursday at the institution of the Eucharist and the Priesthood, on Good Friday in his crucifixion and death, and on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday in his glorious resurrection.

As we accompany him and feel the range of emotions that were his on each of those days, we enter more fully into the life of Jesus and into the Paschal Mystery which is so central to our faith. Hopefully, through that experience of new life we become more firmly resolved to be faithful to him and bear a consistent witness that we belong to his kingdom, and that his resurrection has been the outpouring of grace that has transformed us. This is the grace that will help us to transform society – the mission of the Resurrectionists.