Fr. Chester Chmurznyski, C.R. has been called Home

April 26, 2021

Passing of Fr. Chester Chmurznyski, C.R.

Election for Provincial Councillors

April 07, 2021

Results of election for two provincial councilors

Fr. John Lesousky, C.R. has been called Home

March 09, 2021

Give Fr. John eternal rest, O Lord and let him share in your unending glory.....

Congratulations to Fr. Toby Collins, C.R. for being one of the 2021 Barnraiser recipients.

February 18, 2021

The past 10 plus months have been difficult for all of us, as together we have navigated the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic...

The legacy continues 185 years later …..

February 09, 2021

"We are to be apostles of God's love and spiritual resurrection" - Bogdan Janski

Tiny Home Takeout

January 28, 2021

St. Mary's offers takeout meals from a tiny home

The Feast of the Epiphany Reflection by Wanda Cakebread Apostle of the Resurrection

January 01, 2021

This truly was a 'mystical moment'

New CR's In Action Blog and Black Box Treasures Edition Available

December 31, 2020

New updates are available.....

Podcasts on the Gospel of Mark

December 29, 2020

A great pandemic past time!

Christmas Blessings from the Resurrection Manor Residents

December 24, 2020

Every year after the Manor CR's enjoy a delicious Christmas Dinner a picture of the Manor residents is taken. This is our 2020 group!