New Beginnings presents The Role of Music in Times of Loss Dec. 14th Catholic Pastoral Ctr - 6:30 p.m.

December 11, 2015

“My Brothers and Sisters in the Risen Lord,

Greetings to you in the merciful Risen Lord!  This is a reminder of an event that is of interest to anyone who has lost a loved one to death or separation/divorce.  The event is sponsored by Catholic Family Services of Toronto New Beginnings and is free of charge.  it is a form of music therapy: please see the accompanying information.

Who attends such new Beginnings events?  All are welcome but especially those who have experienced or are experiencing loss or who companion others experiencing loss as well as anyone interested in the New Beginnings topics.

Free parking is available in the basement of the Catholic Pastoral Centre: approach the basement level side entrance where there is an intercom.  Press the button and follow instructions.  Or take the subway going north-south on Yonge Street to Summerhill Station (which is across the street from the Pastoral Centre).

Please make this information available to anyone you know who could use it.  Thank you!  God always bless you and be merciful to you. Amen.

In the Risen One,

Father Fred Scinto, C.R.,

Resurrection Ministries,

Waterloo, Ontario.”