Lord of the Resurrection Celebration

April 7, 2015

As you will see by the pictures below good fellowship, delicious food,  combined with plenty of fun and laughter was shared by all who attended.......


Frs. Jim Valk,CR, Jim Link,CR, David Mowat,CR and Harry Reitzel, CR, enjoy a good laugh

Frs. Michal Kruszewski,CR, Ernie Varosi,CR, Phil Reilly,CR, Adam Wroblewicz,CR and Toby Collins,CR

Fr. Bill LaFlamme, CR and Fr. Joe Scollard, CR


Fr. Sudie MacDonald, CR and Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, CR

Frs. Paul Szymanowski,CR, Florian Stasinski, CR and Chester Chmurzynski, CR


Fr. Toby Collins, CR and Fr. Bill LaFlamme, CR


Fr. Chester Chmurzynski,CR,  Fr. Lech Wycichowski, CR and Fr. George Nowak, CR


Fr. Bernie Hayes, CR digging in to his delicious meal.