“We are to be apostles of God’s love and spiritual resurrection” Bogdan Janski

February 18, 2015

On Saturday, February 14th, 2015 the local members of the Ontario-Kentucky Province gathered to observe their 179th Founders’ Day.  A prayer service honouring this event was held in St. Eugene’s Chapel with Fr. Phil Reilly, CR presiding. Following the service, the members celebrated with a special lunch.

The Congregation of the Resurrection began in Paris, France on February 17th, 1836 under the leadership of Bogdan Janski.  Bogdan Janski, Peter Semenenko, and Jerome Kajsiewicz, are regarded as founders of the Congregation, and were the first three members.  After the death of Bogdan Janski on July 2nd, 1840, his disciples under the direction of Peter Semenenko, and Jerome Kajsiewicz, the co-founders of the Congregation, continued to develop his ideas and to live in community.  At Mass in the Catacombs of St. Sebastian on Easter morning in 1842 seven members of the Roman House professed vows as religious of a community that was yet without a name.  However, Divine Providence which had guided them to this moment was with them that morning, for on emerging from the catacombs they heard the bells of Roman churches announcing the Easter Alleluia, and they were moved to adopt the name of the feast:   They would become the Congregation of the Resurrection.