Welcome to Resurrectionists.ca

Inspired by the Ministry of Jesus Christ, our Founders moved by God’s Spirit, joined together and gave birth to the Congregation of the Resurrection.  Their original work in the 19th century was among the poor immigrants in Paris France.  In a short while others joined them and they were working in Poland, Germany, Canada and the United States.

Today we continue to follow in the footsteps of these forward thinking Christian men.  Our role in the world is for renewal or the Resurrection of Society.  The challenge before a Resurrectionist is both exciting and so much needed in our world.             

This site will help you understand how YOU can participate in this mission. You can read articles about our spirit and join us in your own way.  You can also discover a new journey in our community – becoming an Associate Member, more formally dedicated to our mission.  Finally there is information on this site about how to become a fully consecrated member of the Congregation.   

We know that we have a great gift to bring to the world in our understanding of “lived Christianity”.  We also know that if you are hearing a call to find out more about us, you should listen ever more carefully.  It’s a rewarding, giving life and we think you won’t turn back.